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John Lauderdale
President &
ANA Representative
Larry Erhart
Vice President
Ryan Obemeyer
Recording Secretary
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Bill Jacobik
Cal Mellor
Assistant Treasurer
Betty Gardiner
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Carol Young
Corresponding Secretary
Dave Barbone
Show Committee
Grace Barbone
Show Committee

PVCC Our Beginnings

On 18 April 1962, at the Masonic Temple in Pawcatuck CT, 27 persons attended a meeting for the purpose of organizing a new coin club to serve the Westerly (RI) area.

Joseph D. Bailey was Moderator and gave a short talk on “The Study of Coins”.

The following officers were elected by the group:

President            Joseph D. Bailey

Vice President     Dr. Lawrence DeSillier

Secretary            Marian B. Bailey

Treasurer            Frank Pignataro

The group voted to postpone naming the club until the next meeting. A discussion was held with regard to a Board of Governors and it was decided that those be elected after bylaws were adopted. It was then voted to give the President the power to appoint a By-Law Committee. The President appointed Dr. DeSillier Chairman of the committee. Dr. DeSillier, in turn, appointed the remaining members of his committee. It was also voted to allow the treasurer and his committee to conduct the sale of tickets for door prizes until By-Laws are adopted.

The third Wednesday of each month as a meeting date met with general approval from the majority in attendance with the time set at 7:30 pm

The decision was made to have both a speaker and a short auction at the next meeting and the group was also in favor of making provision for Charter Members.

Respectfully submitted,

Adeline C. Arvidson, Acting Secretary


Minutes: May 16, 1962 THE PAWCATUCK VALLEY COIN CLUB           

The first regular meeting of THE PAWCATUCK VALLEY COIN CLUB was held on May 16, 1962 at the Masonic Temple in Pawcatuck, Connecticut. A report of the previous organization meeting was read and accepted as read.

The treasurer reported that he had spent ten dollars for a gold piece for a door prize.

A vote was taken and the decision was arrived at to call the club The Pawcatuck Valley Coin club.

Dr. Lawrence DeSillier, chairman of the By-Laws Committee read the proposed Constitution and By-Laws, after which, each article was discussed and voted upon separately. All were accepted as read with the addition of two clauses:

1.     That 15 members constitute a quorum.

2.     That expulsion be decided by secret ballot.

Larry Parkinson was elected Librarian-Curator. The Board of Governors are elected as follows:

            Two years: Anthony Moosey and John Sullivan

            One year: Alexander P. Austin and Joseph Welch

A motion was made and carried that Charter Membership be closed after the meeting of June 20, 1962.

The Meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Adeline C. Arvidson, Acting Secretary


These first two minutes of The Pawcatuck Valley Coin Club gives you the root of our beginnings. How we served the Westerly/Pawcatuck area’s needs for a coin club. Rhode Island has an environment that legally does not allow coin clubs and shows within the state boundaries. A club that meets the needs of enthusiasts needs be formed just over the State lines in Connecticut. This was and is a place for enthusiasts of the hobby to join together and share the enjoyment of this age-old hobby. We have come to realize, over the past 52 years, that we must always look to our future if the hobby is to survive. To this end we have focused upon the youth, both members and non-members, who are the seeds of the future of this hobby. Our club encourages our young members and young guests to participate in many ways. Volunteering, attendance, exhibiting, and writing are some of the many things that will teach our “seedlings” to grow. We encourage our youth by offering incentives to do these things by giving a gift certificate for ten points earned.

The youth participate in the meetings and at our coin show as well as by writing an article in our newsletter. By doing this they become active and engaged in the hobby, secure in the knowledge that senior members are at the ready to answer and guide them. Our Vice President, David Barbone joined the club as a youth in 1962 and now passes the torch to the present youth. Another member who has been a member from his youth is Calvert Ellis, who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of American coinage of the twentieth century. Members of our Junior Roundtable have garnered vast information supplied by him. Their attempts to stump Mr. Calvert show how wonderful a resource he is. As we watch early members depart this mortal coil, we are reminded of how we need to tend our garden well should we wish this club to survive. Heavens! A $5 gold piece back then cost all of $10! My how times have changed!