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Gold and silver commemorative coins celebrating Mark Twain, or Samuel Clemmons, the author and journalist were due to be released on 14th January, but only the gold coins made the date. Silver and copper-nickel coins have been delayed and the new release date remains “TBA” at the time of this printing. Stay tuned folks, I will publish the release dates when I have them! The obverses depict Mark Twain as we have come to know him and the gold reverse shows a riverboat which he had wanted to pilot in his youth and also alludes to his “nom de plume” of Mark Twain which was the minimum depth at which a riverboat could navigate the Mississippi River. The silver and copper-nickel reverses depict the subjects of his stories that we have all come to love. Mark Twain was well travelled around the world and wrote of his travels for several newspapers over the years. The home he retired to is now a museum in Hartford Connecticut.




  Since 2014 the Professional Numismatists Guild, in co-operation with the University of Rare Coins, has provided two levels of wide-ranging numismatic education to prospective young dealers in the PNG’s “Promoting Numismatic Growth” mentoring and internship programs. In 2015, the PNG began offering the multi-media, online courses to anyone interested in taking them. Certificates are provided to everyone who successfully completes both levels.

     The Level 100 course is designed to provide broad-based, basic knowledge about numismatics. Topics include purchasing, selling, marketing and auctions; third-party certification; coin shows; and numismatic organizations and industry resources. Level 200 include metallurgy and technology in the science of numismatics; the minting process and errors; and the history of monetary systems and development of coining.

     Specific information about the educational courses and PNG’s internship program is available at under the “Internship” navigation links near the top of the PNG home page. For additional information, phone 951-587-8300 or e-mail Another link is or Don Perlman can also answer your questions at 702-868-5777.